Fair Play, level 1

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LCS drops
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Faction: Rogue Pirates
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: unknown
Recommended damage dealing: unknown
Recommended ships: Caracal, Thrasher

These missions are a waste of time, except for the last part, unless you wish to mine the belts in parts 2 and 3. The loot from the wrecks in 5 of 5 are pretty good, at least for a level 1 mission. I imagine the salvage is decent too, from the BC/BS wrecks.

Fair Play - To The Rescue (1 of 5)

Group 1: 20km (auto-aggro)

1 x Lone Pirate

The smuggler's stargate drops about 50 scrap metal and some illegal drugs. Not worth destroying, as it has an obscene amount of HP.

Fair Play - More Bark (2 of 5)

1 x Mercenary Pirate
1 x Imperial Industrial (destroyed by the Pirate as you're flying towards it)

This mission contains a lot of very large 'roids, and can be quite lucrative for a good miner. You will find roughly 1.2 million m3 of ore in this belt.

Fair Play - Now Bite (3 of 5)

3 x Mercenary Miner Rookie

There is a cargo container (jetcan) with the mission objective in it (10 units of Bandine) next to the pirate miners.
Pick it up to finish the mission.

(Not much of a bite, if you ask me)

This mission contains a lot of very large 'roids, and can be quite lucrative for a good miner.

Fair Play - Slight Advantage (4 of 5)

1 x Lone Scout

No LCS drops.

Fair Play - Turnabout (5 of 5)

8(?) x Mercenary Pirates (you only get to kill about 4 or 5 of them yourself)

2(?) x DED Officer 3rd class
2(?) x DED Officer 2nd class
1(?) x DED Officer 1st class
1(?) x CONCORD Battleship

The 2 sides shoot at each other and there's all sorts of wrecks left at the end. You only get to kill maybe 4 frigates.
I'm not sure if you can shoot the CONCORD ships. They are about 60km away when you warp in. The CONCORD ships warp out as soon as all the pirates are dead. Provided that you have a range of 50-70km, you can take them out. They do not agro, however, and you can only shoot at them until the pirates are dead.

I don't know if the ships that get destroyed are random. In my mission I had the following wrecks at the end:

8 x Mercenary Pirate wrecks
2 x DED Officer 2nd class wrecks
1 x DED officer 1st class wreck
1 x CONCORD Battleship wreck

You pick up some contraband CONCORD emblems from the wrecks. The wrecks have some BC and BS modules. Nothing special, though. There's maybe about 2 million isk in loot from the wrecks, depending on the drops you get. Great for a level 1 mission.


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