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Break Their Will, level 3

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Faction: Sansha's Nation / Mercenary
Mission type: Encounter
Damage dealt: Thermal 53% / EM 32% / Kinetic 15%
Recommended damage: EM/Thermal

Note: Mission objective requires you to destroy a Repair Station
Tip: Destroy the Repair Station to disable its function to repair the rats

At warp-in there are only structures, when they are attacked, the following wave will spawn

First Wave:

(will appear when repairstation is attacked at approx 60km)
1x Stasis Tower
3x Missile Battery (Flameburst Light Missile)
2x Centior Abomination (Destroyer class)
2x Centior Horror (Destroyer class)
2x Centior Misshape (Destroyer class)
2x Centior Cannibal(Destroyer class)
1x Centum Beast (Cruiser class)
2x Centum Excecrator (Cruiser class)
1x Centum Ravisher (Cruiser class)
* approx. 300-350dps (55% EM, 45% TH)

Reinforments will show up when you shoot any one ship in the first wave

Second Wave:

(will appear when repairstation is destroyed in two groups, one at 40km and the other at 80km)
1 Mercenary Commander
1 Mercenary Lieutenant
2 Mercenary Corporal
1 Mercenary Fighter
* approx. 200dps (11% EM, 40% KN, 49% TH)

Mission Total DPS = 500-550dps

Blitz: Destroy repair station, mission complete, warp out

21 scordite
30 veldspar

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