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======Convoy Attack, Level 5======

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Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Deadspace with gate
Web/Scramble: All Frigates - Divine Imperials
Extras: Heavy NOS, Tracking Disrupter
Damage dealt: EM 54% / Therm 46%
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Therm
Recommended ships: Maelstrom w/ Passive Tank, but recommend more DPS

Acceleration Gate into Deadspace

===Pocket 1===
Enemy ships sit to your left at 60-110km away from your warp-in point. Full-Room Aggro upon your first shot:

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4 x Freighters (Imperial Freighters) orbit at 70k
4 x Frigates (Divine Imperial Napat) orbit at 10k, **Web/Scramble, Tracking Disrupter**
17 x Battleships
(4 x Imperial Templar Diviner) orbits at 21k, **Heavy NOS, Tracking Disrupter**
(3 x Imperial Templar Dominator) orbits at 17k
(5 x Imperial Templar Martyr) orbits at 49k
(2 x Imperial Templar Torah) orbits at 44k
(3 x Imperial Templar Judgment) orbits at 49k

- Use a Passive Tank because of the Diviners (NOS) that approach you at 1120m/s. Or kill them first, or plan a capacitor that receives an extra 80 units/sec.
- Freighters deal no damage but orbit at 70km and take over 142,000 HP each to destroy
- I have thrown off Full-Room Aggro by leaving the room, returning and selectively aggressing certain groups that have approached quickly and separated from the others. Diviners and Dominators can be aggressed separately this way.

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