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L2 can go up to 450m3, scan frigates have 400m3
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Courier Missions

Level 1 Courier Missions
Jump distance (one-way): 0 - 5 (Destination: agent's constellation)
Cargo amount:
Level 2 Courier Missions
Jump distance (one-way): 0 - 5 (Destination: maximum neighboring constellation)
Cargo amount:
Level 3 Courier Missions
Jump distance (one-way): 0 - 12 (Destination: maximum neighboring constellation - may cross regional border)
Cargo amount:
Level 4 Courier Missions
Jump distance (one-way): 1 - 12 (Destination: always neighboring constellation - may cross regional border)
Cargo amount:

Note: Values listed are for unmodified ships without cargo expanders.

Below 10m3:
Up to 100m3:
Up to 400m3:
Up to 1000m3:
Above 6000m3:
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Comment by AnathemaMatou
2008-07-08 14:31:45
- I remember the both the target and destination having been in different systems from the agents system, but that hasn't happend to me in a very very long time any more. So I'ld say for now, I'ld say the maximum is indeed 2 constellations (agent constellation + neighbour), but it might have been or might still happen that the source and destination are in different constellations from your agents system.

- As far as I remember, Level-2 Missions also send you out into neighbouring constellations.

- You might want to double-check the 0-4 jumps for Level-1 Missions. Last I did any, they sent me off to the next constellation same as the higher levels.

- As far as I am aware, the "haul Minerals for me" Large Courier missions (don't remember the exact name) hasn't been removed, but it is rather rare and I haven't had it in a while. So just to make sure, be aware that there might be larger courier missions than 7k m3, particularly from courier agents (I used to get the haul-Minerals from a Level 4 Admin agent, too).

- For mining missions, the volume isn't really that relevant, at least above Level 1 where 1080m3 might be somewhat surprising. What is more important, IMHO, is the duration of them, in particular the silly Gas Harvesting mission which not only requires 0.0-only equipment, but also a very very long time mining due to the small amounts mined per cycle.
Comment by SturmWolke
2008-07-09 03:36:35
- many the ? denotes unknown or incomplete. I prefer to leave these in to indicate that we don't have enough information from the missions spread to include it as reliable information. Easier for volunteers to identify and update.

- of course it doesn't mean that those without ? are 100% correct. Maybe 75%-80%. There's always room for correction if someone encounters new information.

- Volume for mining missions is important (for hauling purposes) and from it you can roughly calculate how long you will take to mine it, based on your equipments' mining volume. Including the mining time maybe a little unwieldy as it's based on the players' skills. Anyone who couldn't roughly calculate the above shouldn't be a miner and should stay away from mining missions :D I think we can include a Gas harvesting special note/annotation in the lines somewhere.
Comment by BigAlexe
2009-09-23 15:05:23
You cannot fit more than 1 Inertia Stabalizer without a Penalty. Please rewrite fitting advisory to reflect this.
Comment by SusurrousEve
2010-02-10 15:29:26
The penalty for using two inertial stabilizers does not alter the recommendation to use two inertial stabilizers.
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2010-09-04 06:11:54
Got Level 3 Courier/Trade mission cargo amount's up to 4200m3 (Not Storyline)
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