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======Courier Missions======

==__Level 1 Courier Missions__==
Jump distance (one-way): 0 - 5 (Destination: agent's constellation)
Cargo amount:
- 0.1m3 - 350m3 (Courier/Trade)
- ? - 99.9m3 (Trade Storyline)

==__Level 2 Courier Missions__==
Jump distance (one-way): 0 - 5 (Destination: maximum neighboring constellation)
Cargo amount:
- 0.1m3 - 450m3 (Courier/Trade)
- ? - 1500m3 (Trade Storyline)

==__Level 3 Courier Missions__==
Jump distance (one-way): 0 - 12 (Destination: maximum neighboring constellation - may cross regional border)
Cargo amount:
- 0.1m3- 4200m3 (Courier/Trade)
- ? - 6000m3 (Trade Storyline)

==__Level 4 Courier Missions__==
Jump distance (one-way): 1 - 12 (Destination: always neighboring constellation - may cross regional border)
Cargo amount:
- 3000m3 - 7500m3 (Courier/Trade)
- 1m3 - 40,000m3 (Trade Storyline)

=====Recommended Ships For Courier Missions=====

Note: Values listed are for unmodified ships without cargo expanders.

Below 10m3:
- **Shuttle**

Up to 100m3:
- Crucifier, **Executioner**, Inquisitor, Magnate, Tormentor, Punisher (Amarr)
- Bantam, **Condor**, Griffin, Heron, Kestrel, Merlin (Caldari)
- **Atron**, Imicus, Incursus, Maulus, Navitas, Tristan (Gallente)
- Breacher, Burst, Probe, Rifter, **Slasher**, Vigil (Minmatar)

Up to 400m3:
- Inquisitor, **Magnate** (Amarr)
- **Heron**, Kestrel (Caldari)
- **Imicus** (Gallente)
- **Probe** (Minmatar)

Up to 1000m3:
- Bestower, **Sigil** (Amarr)
- **Badger**, Badger II (Caldari)
- **Iteron**, Iteron II, Iteron III, Iteron IV, Iteron V (Gallente)
- Hoarder, Mammoth, **Wreathe** (Minmatar)

Above 6000m3:
- **Bestower**, Sigil (Amarr)
- **Badger II** (Caldari)
- Iteron IV, **Iteron V** (Gallente)
- **Mammoth** (Minmatar)

- The best ships for a particular cargo category are **bolded**.
- Use 2x Inertia Stabilizers to significantly reduce ship alignment time. Add 1x Nanofiber Internal Structure if your ship has the extra low slot.
- For Level 1 & Level 2 Courier/Trade missions - use the best 400m3 frigates as a general couriers.
- For Level 3 & Level 4 Courier/Trade missions - use any available industrial as general courier (due to their 4.5 au/s warp speed).
- For any mining missions, it is highly recommended that you bring an industrial to haul the ore.
- Bestower is the best low skill hauler 13,319m3 for about 11 hours of training (20,256 with rigs). (can't be trained on trial)
- Iteron mark V is the biggest 25,270m3 (38,433 rigged), 15 days to train.
- Mammoth 17,838m3 (27,129 with rigs) 3 days to train.
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