Down and Dirty, Level 2

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Faction: None
Mission type: Mining
Space type: Deadspace

Single Pocket

This is a simple mining mission.
Locate the ore you need to mine by using a Survey Scanner or adding Pyroxeres to your overview.
The mission is complete when all of the asteroids are depleted.

Warning: The 8 roids are spread over 40km on all sides of a huge LCO. It's only 2250m3 total, but takes ages to navigate. A Hulk is NOT a good choice here.
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Comment by DcThunder
2010-07-24 18:50:39
Retreiver worked just fine for navigating around the LCO. You need to go move along the surface and the roid's seem to follow until you can move in to mine.
Comment by CuttleBug
2012-04-13 09:06:09
8 Roids on warp in, 5 towards the larger end, 3 towards the thinner end of the LCO, from 14km - 39km. 1 roid minable straight away. head towards the massive rock (LCO) The easiest way is to make your way clockwise round the LCO when you have 3 roids left, head down and under towards the remaining roids. no Rats. Completed in about 20 mins in a hulk, but slow and cumbersome.
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