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Duo of Death, Level 4

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Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Exp/EM/kin
Web/scramble: Spider drones web
Recommended damage dealing: Exp
Recommended ships: Golem, CNR, Raven, Domi

Pocket 1

Empty, acceleration gate

Pocket 2

2x Spider Drone II
2x battleships (Gist Seraphim (EM/EXP/kin direct damage + Exp cruise missiles))
4x Angel Heavy Missile Battery

Minable Asteriods:
7x Omber (175K Units Total)
17x Scordite (1.17M Units Total)

The second seraphim you kill will drop the objective can.

Gist Seraphim (1.2Mill):
Shield: 5500 EM:79% EXP:49% KIN:60% THM:69% Shield Boost Chance: 75% Amount: 355 Duration: 5
Armor: 4750 EM:79% EXP:49% KIN:60% THM:69%
Shot Defender Chance: 15%
Orbit range: 36250 m
Orbit velocity: 175 m/s
Max. Velocity: 350 m/s
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