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2x Cruisers (Elder Corpum Arch Sage)
Everything aggros on warp in.
6x Frigates (Elder Corpii Collector/Reaver)
2x Cruisers (Elder Corpum Sage)
4x Frigates (Elder Corpii Reaver)
- Pocket 1: Kill all enemy ships to unlock the acceleration gate to pocket 2
- Pocket 2: Destroy the recruitment station
2x Heavy Assault Ships (Elder Corpum Arch Sage)
Everything agros on warp in.
2x Heavy Assault Ships (Elder Corpum Sage)
6x Assault Ships (Elder Corpii Collector/Reaver)
4x Assault Ships (Elder Corpii Reaver)

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10x Battleships (Corpus Archbishop/Patriarch/Pope/Harbinger)
10x Battleships (Corpus Patriarch/Pope/Harbinger)

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