Ice Installation, level 4

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Mission type: Mining
Space type: No gate, warp to beacon only.
Faction: Rogue Drones (all damage types), maybe some belt rats (same as the system)

Objective: Mine 20 units of Crystalline Icicles (20000 m3).
There's exactly 20 units (1 roid) of Crystalline Icicles, about 8km to 11km from warp in point. Bookmarking the roid doesn't work.

Two RD cruisers [Destructor Alvum] and one or two RD frigates present at warp in.
Three later spawns in my case, including one of two cruisers [killing drone bunker prevents these]

Recommended ship: Mackinaw with shield tank and drones. Have a few salvage drones as well, this will enable you to salvage whilst mining. Nothing too hard.

Nothing else to mine here.
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Comment by IckyThump
2008-06-30 03:27:07
- Mission NPC's now exist for this mission: drones; Received instant aggro from 1-2 Alvum and 1-2 Alvi at warp-in on 2 separate attempts at this mission. 2 Alvum might be too much for a solo Retriever if not dispatched quickly.
- No NPC rats encountered, though it only takes 1 cycle with 2 Ice Harvesters I's so you're not there long.
- Drone Bunker might drop 1 unit of Condensed Alloy (salvage item) (woopee!).
Comment by BuilderAlphaOne
2008-12-12 19:56:00
Ice after the Quantum Rise patch [Nov. 2008] is now 20,000 m3 and is about 80 km from the warp in point. RDs present on warp in.

I destroyed the Drone Bunker after the RDs and no further ones spawned while my Hulk was present [7 cycles or about 30 minutes including motoring slowly out there.]

Speed up with two characters -- kill the RDs and char A goes back for his barge while char B kills the RD bunker. B then motors on ABurner in AF or cruiser to within 5km of the ice. A then warps to fleet member B and thus directly to the ice and begins mining it.
Comment by RastaSi
2009-02-14 05:21:28
Ice asteroid was 8.5km from warp-in point, greeted by the four drones advertised above. The drone bunker now seems to spawn new drones. Something to break the mining tedium!
A Mackinaw can handle that first wave without dropping below 25% shields, provided you've five Hammerhead IIs or something to dispatch them quickly.
Comment by SlawomirVenera
2009-05-03 11:48:50
A black monolith is approximately 140KM from the asteroid. Enjoy the view.
Comment by GouvViki
2009-07-31 17:04:48
Ice Asteroid was at about 11km, Drones were spawning at 15-20km around the Drone Bunker.
Spawn 1: 2x Devilfish Alvi (F), 1x Devastator Alvi (C)
Spawn 2: 2x Wrecker Alvum (C)
Spawn 3: 2x Render Alvi (F)
Spawn 4: 2x Shatter Alvior (F), 1x Silverfish Alvi (F)
Comment by GouvViki
2009-08-06 20:17:44
Destroying the Drone Bunker stops further Spawns, just tried it.
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