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Illegal Activity, level 2

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Faction: Opposite of the agent
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Unknown

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Spawns ships of one of the two enemy factions

Warp in, wait.

First group 2 soldiers, 2 support frigates (these take a lot to kill, so go first for the soldiers).

After some time, second group spawns. Officer (drops the required mission item) and a few smaller frigates.

No need to kill the miners.

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Will spawn the same faction as the previous mission.

Warp in, blob of soldiers / support frigates / small frigates. Soldiers are faster so kiting works nicely. Kill them all to complete mission.

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Will spawn same faction as previous mission.

Ok, things get interesting now.

First the warp in point is 120km away from the acceleration gate. Kill the officer for the key.

The welcoming party past the gate is:

3x Sentry guns, 3 soldiers. These agro as you jump in.

Ahead there are 3 packs - middle one has the two couriers you need to kill. The two side packs will not agro when you engage the couriers, The courier pack ships all have different speeds so kiting works well here.

There might spawn an omber roid in the asteroid field.

This mission needs a lot of work. CategoryNeedInfo
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