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======Instrumental Core Reservoir======
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Faction: Sleepers
Signature type: Gas Site
Space type: Normal Space
Damage dealt: Omni
Webbers: Sleepless Sentinel
Scramblers: Sleepless Sentinel
Recommended ship classes: Capital, Battleship, T3 (3+ Remote Repair Modules), Marauder (dual tank + bastion)
Recommended generic setup: Multi-range, Heavy Omni-tank, Remote Repair (Spider Tanking)
Estimated Gas Value: $333,324,000 ISK
Gas Volume: 35,000 m3
Blue Loot: 63 Mill

====Single Pocket====

===Single Spawn===
**1,859 DPS**
**-72 GJ/s**
4x Battleships ([[ | Sleepless Sentinel]]) **Scramble/Web/NOS**

11/30th/2013 - Done with a marauder + bastion mode.
it seems that if you stay stopped, they will NOT scramble.
be prepared for heavy tank, pay extra caution for EM damage (their cruise missile salvo did 4x1035 damage to already tanked with heavy armor + WH effects).

warp in at zero and have fitted heavy NOSes.
Their NEUT range is about 70km and their missile range is 130km so if sniping keep that in mind.
For those who want to kite, BS's will burn towards you at 1200 m/s

===Gas Clouds===
6000 Fullerite-C320
500 Fullerite-C540
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