The Left Hook, Level 3

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Faction: MInmatar Republic
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space, one gate

Damage dealt: Explosive
E-War: None

Recommended damage dealing: Explosive/Thermal
Recommended ship classes: Tactical Destroyer, Stealth Bomber, Cruiser, Battlecruiser
Recommended generic setup: Sniper fit for Tactical Destroyer or Stealth Bomber

Single Pocket

Overview: Single pocket with 1 group and 2 spawns. The Minmatar Tactical Relay is the mission-ending target.

Group 1

Distance: 51 -58 km
3x Cruisers

Spawn 1

Distance: 57 – 63 km
4x Cruisers

Spawn 2

Distance: 65 – 70 km
5x Frigates

Mission is complete when Minmatar Tactical Support Center is destroyed.

Destroy the Minmatar Tactical Support Center (Minmatar Tactical Relay).

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