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Lights Out (Level 5)

Faction: Gallente Federation
Mission Type: Encounter (Normal)
Damage Dealt: Kin/Therm
Extras: Damps, Scramble, Web, NOS
Recommended Damage: Therm/Kin
Completed In: Nighthawk (Passive), CNR (Active), Raven (Passive) and Vulture (None)
Difficulty: Very Easy

When you enter, you will only see the Control Tower, no rats at all. If you wait awhile, 2x Federation Fighter will spawn. Then when you attack the Control Tower more rats will spawn. Also when you attack the Gallente Lieutenant, more rats will spawn. They also agro randomly if you are doing this with more people. Also attacks drones.

Some of the frigates scrambled and web'ed, but because of some confusion they died before I could see who it was :) Was also unable to identify some of the ship classes. This was an overall easy mission, but don't tank with active tank, the NOS will drain your cap in only a few seconds.

Blitz: Kill Gallente Federation Control Tower (and Gallente Lieutenant, mission was completed with only the Control Tower down for me)

Single Pocket

6x Frigates (Elite Federation Matara, Elite Federation Manica, Elite Federation Phalarica, Elite Federation Machina) (Scramble, Web)
2x Cruisers (Elite Federation Mentes, Elite Federation Navis)
8x Battlecruisers (Federation Praktor Arx) (Damps)

(Unidentified ship class. I Believe Dionia is Battleship class)
2x Federation Fighter
1x Federation Praktor Polemo
3x Federation Praktor Dionia (NOS, Damps)
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