Like Drones to a Cloud, level 4

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Mission type: Mining / Encounter
Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission type: Deadspace w/o gate
Damage types: All
Reccomended damage dealing: EM

Completed in Thorax w/3 250mm Prototype Gauss and Antimatter Ammo. Fitted w/ 2 Gas Cloud Harvesters.
Jettison to Jet Can and pick up with hauler.

Remember Jet Can evaporates after 2 hours.

Mission can easily be completed in less than 2 hours.

Acquire 425 units of Chartreuse Cytoserocin (4250 m3)

One gas cloud to harvest.

Drones spawn near drone bunker:

Five Waves with random Drone types each spawn.

No drones larger than Cruiser.

No structures drop loot.
Drone Bunker is Invulnerable.
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Comment by RastaSi
2009-02-14 05:27:56
The smallest wave I've seen is a single frigate drone; the largest being two cruiser and two frigate drones. The bunker is no longer damageable.
I like to use a Hurricane with four gas harvesters, two cannons, a salvager, a tractor beam and a full complement of combat drones. This breaks up the monotony of the the slow gas harvesters!
Comment by GouvViki
2009-08-23 14:44:06
1:2x Hunter Alvi, Shatter Alvior(D?)
2:2x Infester Alvi
3:2xDestructor Alvum(C?)
4:2xHunter Alvi, 1x Destructor Alvum(C?)
5:2x Shatter Alvior(D?)
Comment by GouvViki
2009-10-20 09:08:35
Normal space. 24km to Gas Cloud. Bunker is indestructible.
1: 2xBarracuda Alvi(F?), 1xRipper Alvior(F?) 2: 1xInfester Alvi(F?) 3: 1xWrecker Alvum(C?), 4: 1xBarracuda Alvi(F?), 1xDestructor Alvum(C?), 5: 2xRipper Alvior(F?)
Spawns may aggro Drones.
F?=Frig.-Size C?=Cruiser-Size
Comment by GouvViki
2009-10-31 12:52:37
26km to the Cloud.
1: 2xShatter Alvior(D), 1xHunter Alvi(F); 2: 1xInfester Alvi(F); 3: 1xDestructor Alvum(C); 4: 2xBarracuda Alvi(D); 1xWrecker Alvum(C); 5: 1xRipper Alvior(D).
Comment by GouvViki
2009-10-31 13:09:41
Approx. Shiplist: 1: 3x mixed Frigs/Destroyer; 2: 1-2xFrigs; 3: 1-2xCruiser; 4: 1-2xFrigs, 1xCruiser; 5: 1-2x Frigs or Destroyer.
Comment by BalealEve
2013-06-22 22:51:30
Eventually the drone waves stop spawning. I went in with my venture but couldn't handle the drones, I brought in my pve ship and killed the waves as they kept coming. Around 4 or 5 waves in they stopped, then I went back and got my venture and harvested the cloud without being bothered again.
Comment by Suz1
2014-10-06 14:31:59
I did this mission with an afterburner equipped Venture. Orbit the cloud and speed tank. Had to limit the ships speed to <700m/s in order to stay in range of the gas harvesters. Use acolytes to kill the drones. Salvage the wrecks as you fly by in orbit.
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