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Completed in Thorax w/3 250mm Prototype Gauss and Antimatter Ammo. Fitted w/ 2 Gas Cloud Harvesters.
Jettison to Jet Can and pick up with hauler.
Remember Jet Can evaporates after 2 hours.
Mission can easily be completed in less than 2 hours.
Completed in a Cerberus + Hurricane with cargo mods as Gas Harvester boat DR: Easy (Rezerwowy Pies)

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One gas cloud to harvest.
Drones spawn near drone bunker:
Five Waves with random Drone types each spawn.
No drones larger than Cruiser.
No structures drop loot.
Drone Bunker is Invulnerable.
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One gas cloud to harvest. Drones spawns near drone structure:
The waves may be random.
===First Wave===
1x Devilfish Alvi
1x Shatter Alvior
1x Splinter Alvi
===Second Wave===
2x Destructor Alvum
===Third Wave===
1x Devilfish Alvi
1x Wrecker Alvum
===Fourth Wave===
1x Ripper Alvior
No Drone Battleship
May be a fifth spawn.
No structures drop loot. And the bunkers doesn't prevent respawn.

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