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======Facts about agents and missions======

Endorsed by ""Nathan32Derby UK"" and written by ChepeNolon

First of all, I encourage you all to read this excellent, ingame friendly guide, that covers everything a new agent runner needs to know:

=====Choosing the right agent=====

Apart from choosing what [[ | types of missions]] you want to do, you might do missions with a goal. It could be:

- Standing increase for lower fees at the stations
- LP rewards
- Bounties, Loot, Salvage

Not everything is clear enough, and I'll try to point out what to look for.

=====Working your standings=====

- The social skill "Social" will affect standing increases (up to 25% more)
- Getting the highest level of agent and the best Quality is always the important choices.
- A high quality level 2 might give missions that gives better increases than a really bad level 3
- The agents standing towards you affects their effective quality. Ie. the more missions you do for one, single agent,
1) the higher his/her standing towards you will be
2) the better the standing increases will be
- Corp standing or faction standing will not affect the effective quality of the agent. And not affect the standing gained.
- The skill "Connections", will add to your current corp standing, getting you closer to the goal with less missions
- Increasing faction standing will only happen when completing an important mission.
- Destroying a ship of an enemy faction, will lower your standing towards that faction in normal missions too.
- Corp standing will not be affected by anything else than completing/failing/declining missions. (Or killing the ships of the corp.)
- Since you can decline a mission without a standing hit every 4 hours, you can decline important missions without affecting any standing.
- Getting a good corp standing to a corp in every faction gives you a head start when you need to increase a negative faction standing. This is because the highest standing counts when it comes to agent availability.
- Diplomacy will help with negative standing like Connections do with positive standing.
- Both the corp of the agent and the placement of the system affects what kind of factions you'll encounter in the missions.
- Getting a corp standing of at least 6.7 will reduce the recycling fee towards 0 at their stations. (The "We take" column.)
- An effective standing of -5 towards a faction, will get you aggro in their space.
- Approx 15 completed missions will give you an important one from the closest storyline agent. It doesn't have to be the same corp.
- Completing an important mission, will also affect the corp issuing the mission. A lot.
- R&D agents is a bit special regarding standings and rewards. [[ | Read about it here]] (at the bottom of the page).

=====LP rewards=====

- The Level and Effective Quality of the agent affects the LP rewards, but also the security rating of the system, meaning:
1) LP rewards will increase as you do more missions for an agent
1) An agent based in a lower sec system, will give more LP than an agent with the same quality in a higher sec system
1) In fact, doing missions for a mediocre quality agent in a 0.5 will give more LP than doing missions for a really good quality agent in 0.9 (of the same level)
- There are specialized connection skills that will affect agents of a certain division. Each division is related to two skills. But each of the skills affects several divisions. The skills are:
- Beuraucratic
- High tech
- Labor
- Military
- Political
- Trade
- Each of the connection skills above adds up to 25% LP each. Meaning both skills at level 5 will add 50% more LP to your reward.
- The LP Reward shop has different inventory depending on type of corp and faction.

=====Bounties, Rewards, Loot & Salvage=====

- The rewards for the missions will increase with the effective quality of the agent.
- The skill Negotiation increases rewards 5% per level
- The agent quality does not affect bounties gained in a mission.
- Agent division will affect the type of missions you'll get
- Sometimes the best payment is in the wrecks.
- Ships from empire factions and drones does not have bounties, but has the payment in the loot.
- Loot is random, but has a certain set to choose from for each faction of opponents
- Each mission has a fixed set of salvage (A good database is found [[ | here]])
- Your skill with the salvager has nothing to do if you get any salvage or not. It will just affect how fast you will discover if there is salvage or not.
- All wrecks with a few exceptions will stay after you complete the mission. Remember to bookmark.
- Normal roids found in a mission are mineable. Roids will not stay after you complete the mission.
- The mission will be reset at the next downtime, if you haven't completed it. Good for harvesting interesting missions. This will not work with bonus rooms, as the mission is completed before you can activate the gates to them.

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