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Level 3 Mission Reports

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This child page displays the full list of Level 3 missions.
It removes all unrelated clutter from the parent page MissionReports Mission Reports.

You may bookmark this link if you are only doing Level 3 missions.


Against The Empire (Storyline - Amarr Empire) AgainsttheEmpire3am Level 3
Alluring Emanations (Rogue Drones) AlluringEmanations3 Level 3
Amarrian Tyrants (Amarr Empire) AmarrianTyrants3 Level 3
Ambushed Ally (Gallente Federation) AmbushedAlly3ga Level 3
Ammatar Detective Spotted (Ammatar Mandate) AmmatarDetectiveSpotted Level 3
Angel Cartel Spies, The (Angel Cartel) AngelCartelSpies3 Level 3
Angel Extravaganza (Angel Cartel) AngelExtragavanza3 Level 3
Angel Strike [1-4 of 10] (Common - Mercenaries) AngelStrike3 Level 3
Angel Strike [5-10 of 10] (Blood Raiders Covenant) AngelStrike3br Level 3
Angel Strike [5-10 of 10] (Guristas Pirates) AngelStrike3gu Level 3
Angel Strike [5-10 of 10] (Sanshas Nation) AngelStrike3sa Level 3


Black Market Hub, The (Mercenaries) BlackMarketHub3 Level 3
Blockade, The (Angel Cartel) Blockade3an Level 3
Blockade, The (Blood Raiders Covenant) Blockade3br Level 3
Blockade, The (Guristas Pirates) Blockade3gu Level 3
Blockade, The (Sanshas Nation) Blockade3sa Level 3
Blockade, The (Serpentis) Blockade3se Level 3
Blood Raider Spies, The (Blood Raiders Covenant) BloodRaiderSpies3 Level 3
Break Their Will (Angel Cartel) BreakTheirWill3an Level 3
Break Their Will (Blood Raiders Covenant) BreakTheirWill3br Level 3
Break Their Will (Guristas Pirates) BreakTheirWill3gu Level 3
Break Their Will (Sanshas Nation) BreakTheirWill3sa Level 3
Break Their Will (Serpentis) BreakTheirWill3se Level 3
Break Their Will (Blitz Information) BreakTheirWillBlitz All


Cargo Delivery (Blood Raiders Covenant) CargoDelivery3br Level 3
Cargo Delivery (Serpentis) CargoDelivery3se Level 3
Cargo Delivery Blitz CargoDeliveryBlitz All levels
Covering your Tracks (Storyline - Mercenaries) CoveringyourTracks3 Level 3
Crooked Cop (Serpentis) CrookedCop3 Level 3
Crystal Dreams Shattered (Mercenaries) CrystalDreamsShattered3 Level 3
Crystal Dreams Shattered (Amarr Empire) CrystalDreamsShattered3am Level 3
Cut-Throat Competition (Mercenaries) CutThroatCompetition3 Level 3


Damsel in Distress, The (Mercenaries) DamselinDistress3 Level 3
Dark Alliance (Minmatar Republic) DarkAlliance3mi Level 3
Deadly Arrival (Gallente Federation/Minmatar Republic) DeadlyArrival3gami Level 3
Deadly Arrival (Caldari State/Amarr Empire) DeadlyArrival3caam Level 3
Down with the Legion (Mordus Legion) DownLegion3 Level 3
Driving a Wedge (Gallente Federation/Minmatar Republic) DrivingaWedge3 Level 3
Duo of Death (Angel Cartel) DuoofDeath3an Level 3
Duo of Death (Blood Raiders Covenant) DuoofDeath3br Level 3
Duo of Death (Guristas Pirates) DuoofDeath3gu Level 3
Duo of Death (Sanshas Nation) DuoofDeath3sa Level 3
Duo of Death (Serpentis) DuoofDeath3se Level 3


Eliminate the Pirate Campers (Angel Cartel) EliminatethePirateCampers3an Level 3
Eliminate the Pirate Campers (Blood Raiders Covenant) EliminatethePirateCampers3br Level 3


Failing the Nation Comes at a Cost (Sanshas Nation) FallingNationComesCost3 Level 3
Force to be Reckoned With, A (Storyline - Angel Cartel) ForcetobeReckonedWith3an Level 3
Force to be Reckoned With, A (Storyline - Blood Raiders Covenant) ForcetobeReckonedWith3br Level 3
Force to be Reckoned With, A (Storyline - Serpentis) ForcetobeReckonedWith3se Level 3
Friendly Spies (Gallente Federation) FriendlySpies3ga Level 3


Gone Berserk (EoM) GoneBerserk3 Level 3
Guristas Extravaganza (Guristas Pirates) GuristaExtravaganza3 Level 3
Guristas Spies, The (Guristas Pirates) GuristaSpies3 Level 3
Guristas Strike [1-4 of 10] (Common - Mercenaries) GuristasStrike3 Level 3
Guristas Strike [5-10 of 10] (Serpentis) GuristasStrike3se Level 3


Head Hunter Threat (Mercenaries) HeadHunterThreat3 Level 3
Humble Beginnings HumbleBeginnings3 Level 3


Id & Egonics Inc. (Amarr Empire/Caldari State) IdEgonicsInc3amca Level 3
Illegal Activity (Gallente Federation) IllegalActivity3 Level 3
Intercept The Pirate Smugglers (Blood Raiders Covenant) InterceptthePirateSmugglers3br Level 3
Intercept The Pirate Smugglers (Serpentis) InterceptthePirateSmugglers3se Level 3
Intercept The Saboteurs (Amarr Empire) IntercepttheSaboteurs3am Level 3
Intercept The Saboteurs (Sanshas Nation/Serpentis) IntercepttheSaboteurs3sase Level 3


Kidnappers Strike [1-4 of 10] (Storyline - Common - Mercenaries) KidnappersStrike3 Level 3
Kidnappers Strike [5-10 of 10] (Storyline - Blood Raiders Covenant) KidnappersStrike3br Level 3
Kidnappers Strike [5-10 of 10] (Storyline - Guristas Pirates) KidnappersStrike3gu Level 3
Kidnappers Strike [5-10 of 10] (Storyline - Sanshas Nation) KidnappersStrike3sa Level 3


Lasers Softly Beaming (Amarr Empire/Gallente Federation) LasersSoftlyBeaming3ga Level 3
Lights Out (Gallente Federation) LightsOut3ga Level 3


Mannar Mining Colony (Rogue Drones) MannarMiningColonyLevel3 Level 3
Massive Attack (Sanshas Nation) MassiveAttack3sa Level 3
Million Little Pieces (Gallente Federation) MillionLittlePieces3ga Level 3
Missing Convoy, The (Rogue Drones) MissingConvoy3 Level 3
Missing Reporters (Caldari State) MissingReporters3 Level 3
Mordus Headhunters, The (Mordus Legion) MordusHeadhunters3 Level 3
My Sweet Privateer (Gallente Federation) MySweetPrivateer3ga Level 3


New Frontiers [1-7 of 7] (Mercenaries/Rogue Drones) NewFrontiers3 Level 3
No Excuse (Gallente Federation) NoExcuse3ga Level 3


Operation Hamstring (Mercenaries) OperationHamstring3 Level 3


Persistent Pests (Rogue Drones) PersistentPests3rd Level 3
Pirate Business (Caldari State) PirateBusiness3ca Level 3
Pirate Invasion (Guristas Pirates) PirateInvasion3gu Level 3
Pirate Invasion (Serpentis) PirateInvasion3se Level 3
Pirate Radio (Minmatar Republic) PirateRadio3 Level 3
Police Invasion (Khanid Kingdom) PoliceInvasion3kk Level 3
Portal to War (Rogue Drones/Caldari State/Amarr Empire) PortaltoWar3 Level 3
Probing Question (Amarr Empire) ProbingQuestion3am Level 3


Retribution (Angel Cartel) Retribution3an Level 3
Retribution (Caldari State) Retribution3Ca Level 3
Retribution (Guristas Pirates) Retribution3gu Level 3
Retribution (Sanshas Nation) Retribution3sa Level 3
Retribution (Serpentis) Retribution3se Level 3
Revenge Attack [2 of 2] (Minmatar Republic) RevengeAttack3mi Level 3
Rogue Drone Harassment (Rogue Drones) RogueDroneHarassment3 Level 3
Rogue Slave Trader, The [1 of 2] (Sanshas Nation) RogueSlaveTrader3 Level 3


Sansha Spies, The (Sanshas Nation) SanshaSpies3 Level 3
Save the Miners (Gallente Federation) SaveMiners3ga Level 3
Score, The (Angel Cartel) Score3an Level 3
Score, The (Guristas Pirates) Score3gu Level 3
Scout It Out (Amarr Empire) ScoutItOut3am Level 3
Secret Project X (Amarr Empire/Mercenaries) SecretProjectX3 Level 3
Seek and Destroy (Angel Cartel) SeekandDestroy3an Level 3
Seek and Destroy (Blood Raiders Covenant) SeekandDestroy3br Level 3
Seek and Destroy (Guristas Pirates) SeekandDestroy3gu Level 3
Seek and Destroy (Sanshas Nation) SeekandDestroy3sa Level 3
Seek and Destroy (Serpentis) SeekandDestroy3se Level 3
Serpentis Extravaganza (Serpentis) SerpentisExtravaganza3 Level 3
Serpentis Spies, The (Serpentis) SerpentisSpies3 Level 3
Seven's Prison Facility, The (Mercenaries) SevensPrisonFacility3 Level 3
Silence Deep as Death (Angel Cartel) SilenceDeepasDeath3an Level 3
Silence the Informant (Rogue Drones/Mercenaries) SilencetheInformant3 Level 3
Slaves Must Be Returned, The (Minmatar Republic) SlaveMustBeReturned3 Level 3
Small Armory, The (Angel Cartel) SmallArmory3 Level 3
Smuggler Interception (Guristas Pirates) SmugglerInterception3gu Level 3
Smuggler Interception (Serpentis) SmugglerInterception3se Level 3
Space Telescope, The (Guristas Pirates) SpaceTelescope3 Level 3
Spy Stash, The (Angel Cartel) SpyStash3an Level 3
Spy Stash, The (Guristas Pirates) SpyStash3gu Level 3
Stop the Thief (Mercenaries) StoptheThief3 Level 3
Striking Down Two Flies With One Swing (Angel Cartel/Mercenaries) StrikingDownTwoFliesWithOneSwing3an Level 3
Success Comes at a Price (Guristas Pirates) SuccessComesataPrice3 Level 3


Technological Secrets (Thukker tribe) TechnologicalSecrets3 Level 3
Transport Duty (Caldari State) TransportDuty3ca Level 3
Trespassers [1 of 2] (Minmatar Republic) Trespassers3mi Level 3


Unauthorized Military Presence (Guristas Pirates) UnauthorizedMilitaryPresence3gu Level 3
Unauthorized Military Presence (Serpentis) UnauthorizedMilitaryPresence3se Level 3
Uprising, The (Mordus Legion) Uprising3mo Level 3


Vigilance (Guristas Pirates) Vigilance3gu Level 3


What Comes Around Goes Around (Mercenaries) WhatComesAroundGoesAround3 Level 3

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