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Level 5 Mission Reports

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This page displays a concise list of Level 5 missions to reduce the clutter and scrolling in the master page.
Please note that the master page MissionReports Mission Reports will always remain the same.

You may bookmark this link if you are only doing Level 5 missions.


AlluringEmanations5 Alluring Emanations (Rogue Drones)


BigSting5am Big Sting, The (Amarr Empire)
BigSting5ca Big Sting, The (Caldari State)
BreedingFacility5 Breeding Facility (Amarr Empire)


CaldariBeacons5 Caldari Beacons
CleaningHouse5sa Cleaning House
CleansingFire5am Cleansing Fire
ConvoyAttack5ga Convoy Attack (Gallente Federation)
ConvoyAttack5mi Convoy Attack (Minmatar Republic)
ConvoyAttack5am Convoy Attack (Amarr Empire)
ConvoyAttack5ca Convoy Attack (Caldari State)
CrushTheSebiestorStation5mi Crush The Sebiestor Station


DeadlySerious5ga Deadly Serious (Gallente Federation)
DestroyAmmatarBase5 Destroy the Ammatar Base
DestroytheCaldariOutpost5 Destroy the Caldari Outpost
DirtyJob5 Dirty Job


FateofAngels5 Fate of Angels
Fortress5am Fortress, The (Amarr Empire)
Fortress5ca Fortress, The (Caldari State)
Fortress5Ga Fortress, The (Gallente Federation)
Fortress5mi Fortress, The (Minmatar Republic)


HardWay5am Hard Way, The
HiddenEnemyBase5mi Hidden Enemy Base (Minmatar Republic)
HiddenEnemyBase5am Hidden Enemy Base (Amarr Empire)
Honor5an Honor (Angel Cartel)
Honor5br Honor (Blood Raiders Covenant)
Honor5gu Honor (Guristas Pirates)
Honor5se Honor (Serpentis)


InformedAttack5 Informed Attack


LiberateTheMiners5am Liberate the Miners (Amarr Empire)
LiberateTheMiners5ca Liberate the Miners (Caldari State)
LightsOut5ga Lights Out
LocationLocation5am Location Location


MassDrivers5am Mass Drivers
MordusHeadhunters5 Mordus Headhunters, The (Mordus Legion)


OperationWyrmsbane5se Operation Wyrmsbane (Serpentis)
OperationWyrmSlayer5se Operation Wyrmslayer
OustTheClaimJumpers5ga Oust The Claimjumpers (Gallente Federation)


PreachingToTheMasses5am Preaching to the Masses
PrisonBust5 Prison Bust


Reclamation5am Reclamation (Amarr Empire)
Reclamation5ga Reclamation (Gallente Federation)
RecoverTheContainers5ca Recover the Containers
RogueEradication5 Rogue Eradication
RogueHunt5 Rogue Hunt (2 of 2)
RogueSpy5 Rogue Spy (1 of 2)


SanshaAcquisition5 Sansha Acquisition
SanshaOnTheHorizon5 Sansha on the Horizon
StrayAmarrCarrier5 Stray Amarr Carrier
StrayCaldariCarrier5 Stray Caldari Carrier


WhatSlaveryBegets5 What Slavery Begets
AWolfByTheEars5am Wolf by the Ears, A
WrathOfAngels5an Wrath of Angels (Angel Cartel)

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