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The Mordus Headhunters, Level 4

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Faction: Mordus
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin/therm
Web/scramble: Mordus Bounty Hunters
Recommended damage dealing: #1kin and #2therm (for projectile ammo use EMP when in range, titanium sabot for more range)
Recommended ships: Golem, CNR, Raven, Domi, Ishtar, Paladin

Pocket 1

Groups usually aggro together.

Group 1(Left - 50-70km)

10x frigates (Mordus Bounty hunters (web/scramble), 4x Mordus Katana, 4x Mordus Gladius)
10x cruisers (4x Mordus Lion, 3x Mordus Puma, 3x Mordus Leopard)

Group 2 (Centre front - 80-85km)

11x cruiser (4x Mordus Katana, 3x Mordus Gladius, 4x Mordus Bobcat)
2x battleship (Mordus Sequestor)

Group 3 (Centre rear - 90km)

5x cruisers (2x Mordus Lion, 3x Mordus Leopard
3x battleships (1x Mordus Gigamar, 2x Mordus Phanti)

Minable Asteroids:
Lots of Plagioclase, Pyroxerxes, and Veldspar in a nice belt about 40km long.

Pocket 2

Group 1 (front - 35km)

7x frigates (2x Mordus Bounty Hunter (web/scramble), 5x Mordus Sabre)
3x cruisers (Mordus Katana)

Group 2 (back left - 60-70km)

13x frigates (5x Mordus Bobcat, 2x Mordus Bounty Hunter, 5x Mordus Sabre)
26x cruisers (8x Mordus Cheetah, 8x Mordus Katana, 3x Mordus Leopard, 5x Mordus Lion, 2x Mordus Puma)
5x battleships (1x Mordus Sequestor, 3x Mordus Phanti, 1x Mordus Gigamar)

Group 3 (back right - 80-100km)

2x frigates (2x Mordus Bounty Hunter)
17x cruisers (4x Mordus Katana, 3x Mordus Leopard, 2x Mordus Lion, 3x Mordus Puma, 5x Mordus Cheetah)
3x battleships (2x Mordus Sequestor, 1x Mordus Mammoth)

Using Sentry drones within about 80km of a group causes the whole room to aggro. However, in each stage it's possible to position yourself distance-wise so that you can happily take out at least the first group without aggro'ing the other 2.

For the people using abbadon apocalypse, and paladins w/megapulse lasers. there is a very safe way of doing this mission, room 1 and 2:
Get into weapons range of the bounty hunters around 55km with radio. attack and kill both of them. this will aggro the entire room, once the attack starts then turn left and fly parallel with the incomming group.
Target priority should be Frigates, cruisers and then battleships once they reach 20-25km. light drones will make short work of the frigats
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