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The Mordus Headhunters, Level 4

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Faction: Mordus
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin/therm
Web/Scramble: Mordus Bounty Hunters
Recommended damage type: Kin. Secondary: EM/EXP. Avoid: Therm (at least for battleships).
Recommended Close Range Projectile Ammo (-50% to 0%): T2, Fusion, EMP, Titanium Sabot. Avoid: Phased Plasma, Depleted Uranium L
Recommended Long Range Projectile Ammo (+60% to +80%): T2, Carbonized Lead, Proton. Avoid: Nuclear
Recommended ships: CNR, Raven, Domi, Ishtar, Paladin, Megathron, Kronos, Sleipnir, Tengu.
Video: Rattlesnake, Nightmare, Vargur , Bastion Kronos

Pocket 1

Aggro from Group 1 on warp-in.

Group 1 (15-30km)

3x Cruisers (3x Mordus Leopard / 2x Mordus Lion)
3x Battleships (2x Mordus Phanti / 1x Mordus Gigamar)

Group 2 (Left rear - 65-90km)

6x Frigates (4x Mordus Gladius / 2x Mordus Bounty Hunter)
5x Cruisers (3x Mordus Puma / 2x Mordus Lion)

Group 3 (Right rear - 76-90km)

6x Frigates (4x Mordus Katana / 2x Mordus Gladius)
4x Cruisers (Mordus Bobcat)
2x Battleships (Mordus Sequestor)

Mineable Asteroids:
Lots of Plagioclase, Pyroxeres, and Veldspar in a nice belt about 40km long.

Pocket 2

4 Groups - Groups will not aggro until fired upon.

Group 1 (front - 35km)

8x Frigates (5x Mordus Sabre / 3x Mordus Katana)
2x Interceptors (Mordus Bounty Hunter) (Web/Scramble)

Group 2 (back left - 60-70km)

5x Frigates (Mordus Gladius)
12x Cruisers (3x Mordus Cheetah / 5x Mordus Bobcat / 2x Mordus Lion / 2x Mordus Puma)
5x Battleships (1x Mordus Sequestor / 3x Mordus Phanti / 1x Mordus Gigamar)

Group 3 (back right - 80-100km)

4x Frigates (Mordus Katana)
5x Cruisers (3x Mordus Leopard / 2x Mordus Lion)
3x Battleships (2x Mordus Sequestor / 1x Mordus Mammoth)
(Killing group 3 completes Mission)

Group 4 (back center - 106-121km)

7x Frigates (5x Mordus Katana / 2x Mordus Bounty Hunter)
8x Cruiser (5x Mordus Cheetah / 3x Mordus Katana)


Using Sentry drones within about 80km of a group causes the whole room to aggro. However, in each stage it's possible to position yourself distance-wise so that you can happily take out at least the first group without aggro'ing the others (except as noted).

For the people using abbadon apocalypse, and paladins w/megapulse lasers. there is a very safe way of doing this mission, room 1 and 2:

Approx 3,400 to 4,000 plus m3- Cap Boosters (all types), assorted ammo (Hybrid/Missile), T1/Named Modules

Approx 10.6 Mil ISK for all ships

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