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New Frontiers

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Raw Materials (1 of 7)

Faction: Mercenaries
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace
Damage Dealt: All kinds
Recommended Damage Dealing: Therm, Kin
Recommended ships:Nighmare

You get sent to a belt wheres theres 3x Merc miners ( Bestowers, i didn't bother shooting at these and they warp off after a minor so.), 2x Merc Lieutenant, 3x Merc Elite Fighter. Killing the ships will spawn the next wave:

Wave 2

2x Merc Lieutenant, 3x Elite Fighter

Wave 3

4x Merc Fighter

Wave 4

4x Merc Commander

Wave 5

4x Merc Commander

Wave 6

2x Merc Commander
4x Merc Fighter

Bring mining ship to mine the Green Arisite roid. Theres also 1995 units of normal Gneiss roids in the belt. take the 47 units of Green Arisite back to the agent.

Small facts
* The 3 Merc Miners will disappear after a certain time so if you want to kill them, target them first. They drop drugs when killed. Attacking the Miners spawns the 2nd wave of ships.
* I do not always get the 5th and 6th waves of ships. So far, I dunno why. Also, once when fighting the 6th wave of ships, they just up and left in mid-battle.
* There are also approx 16334 units of Omber to be mined in this part.

Mad Scientist (2 of 7)

Faction: Rogue Drones
Space Type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All kinds
Recommended Damage Dealing: EM.
Warp/Scramble: Strain Drones
Recommended ships:Nighmare

Pocket 1

All will spawns almost immediately after you warp in. There are many Raider alvi and Sunder alvi, their orbit is 2-4km. There are only few drone cruisers, so it is not heavy pocket. Shoot the 2 bunkers to stop more respawning

An Alvus Mother drone might spawn.

Pocket 2

(you warp in in 35-45km from all, which aggro immediately):
4x Tower sentry drone
2x Drone Stasis tower
2x Drone Neutralizer tower!!!
Also few frigs.

Destroy "Professor Delainen lab" ( more drones spawn). The prof is in the can dropped by the lab.

If you kill drones lookout and bunker first, there's no spawn when you shoot/destroy the Professor Delainen lab. When you start killing the professor's lab without killing bunker/lookout first, there are 4 strain infester alvis among the spawn, which warp scramble.

The Drone Bunker drops some loot.

Toward a Solution (3 of 7)

Mission type: Courier

The Unveiling (4 of 7)

Faction: Rogue Drones
Space Type: Deadspace
Mission Type: Encounter
Damage dealt: All kinds
Recommended Damage Dealing: EM.
Recommended: Nightmare, Drake

Kill the mother drone and get the Elite Drone AI from the can its drops and take to your agent.

Arrive at belt 1 Large Drone and an almost never ending respawns of small/med drones.
When you warp in (nearly 30km from enemies) there are:
3x Drone Light missile battery
1x Mother drone which drops mission loot.

Almost 35-40 ships will spawn after you kill BS.

If you shoot the Drone Bunker right away, you get lots of drone spawns in short succession (new spawn every 3-5seconds). In total there were about 30-45 drones and I had to warp out once at the beginning

Zaknussem adds: When I did this mission, I saved the Mother Drone for last. Killing it spawned 9 drones over by the Drone Bunkers. I guess that if you kill the Mother Drone first, all the drones in the mission will be spawned.

JoachimLeHigh adds: I highly recommend a smart-bomb fitted BS for this mission. I flew this in an apoc fitted with 8 large emp smartbombs, flew in, waited for all of the drones to aggro and enter range, then activated all 8. Once I vaped all of the close-range ships, I came in a beam-fitted harbinger to finish off the rest, as well as the mother drone.

An unexpected Twist (5 of 7)

Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All kinds
Recommended Damage Dealing: EM.
Extras: Heavy energy neuts.
Web/scramble: Strain drones
Recommended ships: Nightmare, Nighthawk, Drake

Warning: The combination of neutralizers and web/scramblers is a deadly combination.

The Large mother Drone drops the can you need with the " Hive Mind CPU".

You warp in in 55-60km from(insta aggro):
2x Stasis Tower (out of range)
3x Drone Light missile batteries
4x - 5x Energy Neutralizers Tower (>= 110 km range).

After 1-2 minutes nearly 25 drones(frigates, cruisers, battlecruisers) will spawn, but they will fly to you very slowly.
After few minutes Battleship will spawn, The Large Mother Drone. It has high damage, even on 50km, so be careful.


JoachimLeHigh adds: This is probably the toughest mission in this series. Because of the neuts, my smartbomb strategy didn't work. I recommend a tachyon fitted apocalypse with a cap-transfer cruiser for support till the neuts are down. I also flew this mission with a passive shield-tanked drake and a blasterthron along with my beam apoc, the drake went in first, then the 'thron and I came in. I worked on the towers while the 'thron popped anything with the name "strain" in it.

BenThomas adds: Passive tanking is definitely the way to go with this mission. Each time you take out an energy neutraliser various frigs etc. spawn, even in a well tanked battleship if you take out too many energy neutralisers and forget to take out the other ships you could end up struggling a bit. I took out three energy neuts, took out the spawns, then took out the rest of the neuts and the respective spawns. Then worked my way through everything else starting with the strain drones. In a well tanked passive BS you can solo this very easily. For 90% of the mission I had no cap, and my shields never went below 80%.

CireXinehp adds: completed with a Megathron. I took out all the neuts at range with rails, then came back with the smartbomb trick, then again with rails to take the BS.

Nanite Express (6 of 7)

Mission type: Courier

Ascendance (7 of 7)

Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All kinds
Recommended Damage Dealing: EM.
Recommended ships: Drake

Warp in

Arrive at deadspace to find 20 or so small/med rouge drones. Pathfinder gate to next stage.

Second Stage

Around 30 small/med drones and the Mother Drone BS you need to destroy. Only drone melts from the Target BS drone.

Kill any drones that targets you, and then the BS. New drone spawns don't always aggro, and can be ignored.

JoachimLeHigh adds: Smartbomb trick works great in the first pocket, but the second pocket only about half the drones come into smartbomb range.

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