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Rogue Drone Harassment, Level 4

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Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace (With Gates)
Damage dealt: Exp/Kin/Therm/EM/
Extras: Conditional Waves
Web/scramble: Strain Render Alvi, Strain Splinter Alvi
Recommended damage dealing: EM
Recommended ships: Dominix, Astarte

Pocket 1

Upon warp in, there is just a single rat: Kayzum Mother Drone (Battleship, Orbit: 41km, no aggro) and a Deadspace gate (Approx 7km Distant)

Begin Firing upon her, however, once she reaches a certain level of Armor Damage, she will call in reinforcements, listed below:
Reinforcement waves will aggro on your drones

Group 1 (Spawns when Kayzum Mother Drone is at Approx 80% Armor)

2 Battlecruisers , (Defeater Alvatis), Orbit: 23km
1 Frigate, (Hunter Alvi). Orbit: 9.7km
1 Frigate, (Silverfish Alvi), Orbit: 1.6km,
2 Cruisers, (Wrecker Alvum), Orbit: 3.5km

Group 2 (Spawns when Kayzum Mother Drone is at Approx 50% Armor)

2 Battlecruisers, (Defeater Alvatis), Orbit: 23km
2 Cruisers, (Destructor Alvum), Orbit: 3.8km
1 Frigate, (Silverfish Alvi), Orbit: 1.6km
1 Frigate, (Strain Render Alvi), Orbit: 2km (Web/Scram)

Group 3 (Spawns when Kayzum Mother Drone is at Approx 30% Armor)

2 Cruisers, (Annihilator Alvum), Orbit: 3.9km
2 Battlecruisers, (Crippler Alvatis) Orbit: 5km
1 Frigate, (Devilfish Alvi), Orbit: 1.6km
1 Frigate, (Silverfish Alvi), Orbit: 1.6km

Group 4 (Spawns when Kayzum Mother Drone take any Hull Damage)

2 Cruisers, (Devastator Alvum), Orbit: 24km
1 Frigate, (Hunter Alvi), Orbit: 9.7km
1 Frigate, (Strain Splinter Alvi), Orbit: 1.9km (Web/Scram)
2 Battlecruisers, (Striker Alvatis), Orbit: 5km

After eliminating this spawn proceed to destroy the Kayzum Mother Drone and use the Gate

Note: sometimes the spawns with the mother drone are just frigate sized drones.
PRO TIP: When each group spawns, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stop shooting the mother drone. Otherwise you will be overwhelmed by drone DPS.

Pocket 2

Auto Aggro on Warp in, Drone Structure may or may not drop a single low end compound.

3 Battleships, (Alvus Controllers), Orbit: 9-12 km DPS: Expl: 64hp/s, Kin: 16hp/s Best weapon: Em 40/40
1 Cruiser, (Bomber Alvum), Orbit: 17km
1 Battlecruiser, (Defeater Alvatis), Orbit: 23km

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