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Rogue Drone Harassment, Level 4

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Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace (With Gates)
Damage dealt: Kinetic/Exposive (Without Kayzum Drone Mother) - 5% EM / 8% Thermal / 27% Kinetic / 58% Explosive
Extras: Conditional Waves
Web/scramble: Strain Render Alvi, Strain Splinter Alvi
Recommended damage dealing: EM
Recommended ships: Dominix, Astarte, Abaddon, Apocalypse

Pocket 1

Upon warp in, you will find a single rat, Kayzum Mother Drone (Battleship, Orbit: 41km, no aggro), as well as an acceleration gate (approx. 7 km away).

When the Kayzum Mother Drone reaches a certain level of Armor Damage she will call in reinforcement drones, listed below:
Reinforcement waves will aggro on your drones

Group 1 (Spawns when Kayzum Mother Drone is at approx.80% Armor)

2 Battlecruisers , (Defeater Alvatis), Orbit: 23km
1 Frigate, (Hunter Alvi). Orbit: 9.7km
1 Frigate, (Silverfish Alvi), Orbit: 1.6km,
2 Cruisers, (Wrecker Alvum), Orbit: 3.5km

Group 2 (Spawns when Kayzum Mother Drone is at approx.50% Armor)

2 Battlecruisers, (Defeater Alvatis), Orbit: 23km
2 Cruisers, (Destructor Alvum), Orbit: 3.8km
1 Frigate, (Silverfish Alvi), Orbit: 1.6km
1 Frigate, (Strain Render Alvi), Orbit: 2km (Web/Scram)

Group 3 (Spawns when Kayzum Mother Drone is at approx.30% Armor)

2 Cruisers, (Annihilator Alvum), Orbit: 3.9km
2 Battlecruisers, (Crippler Alvatis) Orbit: 5km
1 Frigate, (Devilfish Alvi), Orbit: 1.6km
1 Frigate, (Silverfish Alvi), Orbit: 1.6km

Group 4 (Spawns when Kayzum Mother Drone takes any Hull Damage)

2 Cruisers, (Devastator Alvum), Orbit: 24km
1 Frigate, (Hunter Alvi), Orbit: 9.7km
1 Frigate, (Strain Splinter Alvi), Orbit: 1.9km (Web/Scram)
2 Battlecruisers, (Striker Alvatis), Orbit: 5km

After eliminating this spawn proceed to destroy the Kayzum Mother Drone and use the Gate

Note: sometimes the spawns with the mother drone are just frigate sized drones.
PRO TIP: For people afraid of being overwhelmed: After a group spawns, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stop shooting the mother drone and kill the spawn. If you don't stop, you will be overwhelmed by their combined DPS.
ELITE TIP: For those who fly properly fitted battleships, just finish the Mother Drone first so you can get your drones out on the frigates and your own DPS on these cruisers while they still approach. Highest DPS in this Pocket comes from the Mother Drone anyway.

Pocket 2

Auto Aggro on Warp in, the single Drone Structure may or may not drop a single low end compound.

3 Battleships, (Alvus Controllers, Swarm Preserver Alvus), Orbit: 9-12 km DPS: Expl: 64hp/s, Kin: 16hp/s Best weapon: Em 40/40
1 Battlecruiser, (Defeater Alvatis), Orbit: 23km
1 Cruiser, (Bomber Alvum), Orbit: 17km

Pocket 1: 41 Roids of Veldspar = 889,059 Units
Pocket 2: 32 Roids of Veldspar = 279,059 Units

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