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Rogue Hunt, Level 5

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Part 2 of 3

(Part 2 of Rogue Spy, L5)

Faction: Drones
Mission type: Deadspace
Web/Scramble: None
Extras: (2) Energy Neutralizer Sentry IIIs
Damage dealt: All Kinds (Exp: 33%, Therm: 26%, Kin: 25%, EM: 16%)
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Thermal (Kin/Thermal for batteries/sentries)
Recommended ships: Completed in (1) Maelstrom w/ passive tank and (1) Maelstrom w/ Shield Transporter in 2 hours, but recommend more support.

Acceleration Gate into Deadspace.

Single Pocket

At gates destination, NPCs surround your warp-in point at distances between 15 – 25km with Missile Batteries at 55km. Full Room aggro upon warp-in.

Initial Group:

4 x Frigates (2 x Strain Barracude Alvi) orbits at 10 km
(2 x Strain Devilfish Alvi) orbits at 2 km

3 x Destroyers (Shatter Alvior) orbits at 3 km

3 x Cruisers (Atomizer Alvum) orbits at 19 km

4 x Battlecruisers (Seige Alvatis) orbits at 28 km

8 x Battleships (4 x Alvus Queen) orbits at 36 km
(4 x Alvus Ruler) orbits at 31 km

4 x Drone Cruise Missile Batteries

4 x Drone Heavy Missile Batteries

2 x Drone Energy Neutralizer Sentry IIIs

Subsequent Spawns:

Upon destruction of initial Frigates and/or Destroyers, spawns:
3 x Frigates (Strain Hunter Alvi) orbits at 11 km

Upon destruction of initial Cruisers and/or Battlecruisers, spawns:
3 x Cruisers (Strain Nuker Alvum) orbits at 17 km

As each initial Battleship is destroyed, spawns:
1 x Battleship (Named Pilot Mission Target)
6 x Battleships (Alvus Queen) orbits at 36 km


Drone Bunkers: Dropped no loot
Infested Station Ruins (350,000 hp): Destruction was not attempted. Report what you find.


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