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======The Rogue Slave Trader, Level 3======

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=====The Rogue Slave Trader, Part (1 of 2)=====
Faction: **Blood Raiders **
Mission Type: ** Encounter**
Space Type: **Normal**
Damage Received: **EM, Thermal **
Scramblers: **Elder Corpii Follower & Elder Corpii Worshipper**
Recommended Damage Dealing: **EM, Thermal **
Recommended Ships: **Caracal, Drake, Ferox, Harbinger, Domi, Gila**
Difficulty: **Very Easy**

====Single Pocket====
The Slave Pen taking hull damage triggers the spawn after about 5-7 minutes
Spawn will occur in about 9-11 minutes even if you ignore the Slave Pen

===Single Group:===
2x Elite Frigates (Elder Corpii Follower/Worshipper) **(Scram)**
2x Cruisers (Corpum Dark Priest/Shadow Sage)

===Single spawn (not guaranteed)===
1x Battlecruiser (Blood Raider Slaver)

Destory Slave Pen, Loot Prisoners, Warp Out

Bounty : **194,812 ISK**
Loot : ~ **15,000 ISK**

Part 1 of 2

=====Downing the Slavers, Part (2 of 2)=====
Faction: **Blood Raiders **
Mission type: **Encounter**
Space Type: **Normal**
Damage Received: **EM, Thermal **
Recommended Damage Dealing: **EM, Thermal**
Recommended ships: **Ferox, Arbitrator, Drake, Domi, Gila**
Difficulty: **Easy**

====On Warp In====
Instant aggro.

===Single Group===
3x Frigates (Corpii Collector/Diviner/Raider) weapon disruption
1x Destroyer (Corpior Cleric)
3x Cruisers (Corpum Arch Priest/Arch Sage/Arch Templar/Revenant/Dark Corpum Arch Engraver)

Scordite roids 10x - 25k per asteroid = total of 250k
Veldspar roids 6x - 90k per asteroid = total of 540k

Safe to tanked AFK mine after clearing. 1-2 low level rats will harass you but are easily tanked. Remember not to turn in mission.

====Pocket 1====
The gate lands you right in the middle of a defensive square structure with sentries & ships on each corner @ 5 to 16km with a 15 second-ish delay before being aggro'd.

===Single group===
4x Sentries (Blood Raider)
4-5x Destroyers (Corpior Cleric/Converter/Devoter/Friar/Templar/Visionary)
2-3x Battlecruisers (Corpior Bishop/Shade/Blood Raider Slavers)

Note that sentries have 250km range though and will still hit you at 100km. This should however be tankable long enough to pick off the ships as they come toward you.

Walls & Elevators do not have loot.
Sentry Guns drop Medium Frequency Crystals.

In the last pocket you only have to kill the Slavers this completes the mission and you can warp out. Other kills are optional.

Bounty : **773,001 ISK**
Loot : ~ **177,000 ISK**

Killing the Slave Pen in part 1 incurs a -4.0% standing penalty with The Blood Raider Covenant

Part 2 of 2

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