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======The Ruins of Enclave Cohort 27======
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Faction: Sleepers
Signature type: Cosmic Anomaly
Space type: Normal Space
Damage dealt: Omni
Webbers: None
Scramblers: None
Extras: NOS (Emergent Watchman)
Recommended ship classes: Soloable with passive Drake and Harbinger Dualrep
Recommended generic setup: Heavy omni tank

Sleeper ships may target switch. Drones and support ships are not immune.

Blue Loot (without battleship spawn): 7.8 Mil

====Single Pocket====

===Initial Group===
1x Battleship (Sleepless Patroller)
6x Frigates (Emergent Patroller) **{{color c="red" text="last is TRIGGER"}}**

===Reinforcement Wave 1===
5x Cruisers (Awakened Patroller) **{{color c="red" text="last is TRIGGER"}}**
1x Frigate (Emergent Watchman) [nos]

===Reinforcements Wave 2===
1x Battleship (Sleepless Escort)

- Orbit battleship at <4km and his turrets cant hit you.
- Finished with a 219 DPS Tank in a Harbinger (Dualrep Fit)
- The two battleships do not always spawn.
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