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======Scout It Out, Level 3======

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Faction: **Amarr**
Mission type: **Encounter**
Space Type: **Deadspace without gates**
Damage Received: **EM/Thermal**
Recommended Damage Dealing: **EM/Explosive** //(EM works best)//
Recommended Ships: **Easily Tanked in a Myrmidon or Drake**

on Warp in you will be told to Take out the Warehouses

===Wave 1, Aggro===
Aggro on warp in
2x Tower Sentry A
2x Frigate - Divine Imperial Sprite
1x Frigate - Divine Imperial Forian
1x Cruiser - Imperial Templar Mathura
1x Cruiser - Imperial Templar Agatho

===Wave 2===
Spawn on destruction of **Imperial Templar Agatho**
3x Battlecruiser - Imperial Avenger
3x Destroyer - Imperial Caius

Pop the 4 Warehouses and run

===Structure Loot===
Warehouses and Towers may drop ammunition as loot.

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