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Stop The Thief, Level 4

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Faction: Mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space
Damage dealt: All types (Th=49.86%, Kn=25.36%, Em=16.85%, Ex=7.93%)
Web/scramble: Frigates (Shadow's Wingman, Mercenary Wingman)
Extras: None
Recommended damage dealing: Therm/Kin
Recommended ships: Sleipnir, Golem, CNR, Dominix

Dead Space Pocket

You warp into spawn area

Initial Group aggros at warp-in.
Killing the Mercenary Overlord battleship will trigger spawn.

  • Normal space mission, no gate, you warp in near the initial position of the Mercenary Overlord battleship. If you kill it, the next wave with Web/scramble frigs and imba cruisers will spawn right on you.
  • The six Shadow's Grunt cruisers will hit hard if your EM resist is too low. (Kinda lv4 extravaganza.)
  • Spawn will aggro drones.
  • Possible safe tactic: Warp in, align, kill Overlord, instantly warp out before scrambles lock on, then warp back at 50-100km, make sure you're outside of cruiser's range. Then aggro and use mwd to separate frigs. Count on webbing if frigs come too close! After this keep aligning of course.

Initial Group:

Center (23km)
1x Battleship (Mercenary Overlord - Trigger) Scourge Heavy Missile
Left (90-100km)
6x Frigates (Mercenary Wingman) Web/Scramble
Right (123-128km)
4x Cruisers (Mercenary Lieutenant) Bloodclaw Light Missile

Spawn: (20-25km)

4x Frigates (Shadow's Wingman - Mercenary Wingman) Web/Scramble
6x Cruisers (Shadow's Grunt - Mercenary Commander) Scourge Heavy Missile
2x Battleships (Shadow's Goon - Mercenary Overlord) Scourge Heavy Missile
1x Battleship (Shadow - Mercenary Overlord) Scourge Heavy Missile



32 Roids = 279059 Veldspar
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