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Stop The Thief, Level 4

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Faction: Mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space
Damage dealt: All types (Th=49.86%, Kn=25.36%, Em=16.85%, Ex=7.93%)
Web/scramble: Frigates (Shadow's Wingman, Mercenary Wingman)
Extras: None
Recommended damage dealing: Therm/Kin
Recommended ship types: Battleship, Command Ship, HAC
Video - - Nightmare
Blitz Video Walkthrough in a Machariel -

Initial Group aggros at warp-in.
Killing the Mercenary Overlord battleship will trigger spawn.

  • Normal space mission, no gate, you warp in near the initial position of the Mercenary Overlord battleship. When you kill it, the next wave with Web/scramble frigs and cruisers will spawn right on you.
  • The six Shadow's Grunt cruisers deal a high amount of EM damage. Shadow grunt
  • Spawn may aggro drones.
  • Possible safe tactic: Warp in, align, kill Overlord, instantly warp out before scrambles lock on, then warp back at 50-100km, make sure you're outside of cruiser's range. Then aggro and use mwd to separate frigs. Count on webbing if frigs come too close! After this keep aligning of course.
  • Alternatively: Start warping in, cancel warp and then warp in at 50-100 km, kill all the inital ships except the Overlord. Kill the overlords and then pick off the spawn as they approach.
  • You can select warp to distance without first needing to visit mission area.

Initial Group:

Center (23km)
1x Battleship (Mercenary Overlord - Trigger) Scourge Heavy Missile
Left (90-100km)
6x Frigates (Mercenary Wingman) Web/Scramble
Right (123-128km)
4x Cruisers (Mercenary Lieutenant) Bloodclaw Light Missile

Spawn: (20-25km)

4x Frigates (Shadow's Wingman - Mercenary Wingman) Web/Scramble
6x Cruisers (Shadow's Grunt - Mercenary Commander) Scourge Heavy Missile
2x Battleships (Shadow's Goon - Mercenary Overlord) Scourge Heavy Missile
1x Battleship (Shadow - Mercenary Overlord) Scourge Heavy Missile



32 Roids = 279,059 Veldspar

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