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WARNING: You will suffer 2.4% a standings loss with the Minmatar Republic for destroying Minmatar Republic's Republic Fleet Detective in Part 3. Standings losses are based on specific ship kills, NOT the mission as a whole.

Technological Secrets (1 of 3), level 3

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Faction: Thukker Tribe
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal
Damage dealt: Exp, Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Therm, Kin

Waves warp in at about 20km from the beacon and are timed not triggered, intervals between waves are generally quite short (contrary to comments). There is a chance of a +3 implant drop from one of the cruisers (Thukker Mercenary Captain).

Wave 1:

3x Thukker Mercenary Eliminators (Cruiser)

Wave 2:

5x Thukker Mercenary Fighters (Frigate)
2-3x Thukker Mercenary Eliminators (Cruiser)

Wave 3:

4x Thukker Mercenary Elite Fighters (Frigate)
1x Thukker Mercenary Eliminator (Cruiser)

Wave 4:

2x Thukker Mercenary Elite Fighters (Frigate)
2x Thukker Mercenary Eliminators (Cruiser)

Wave 5:

2x Thukker Captain's Wingman (Frigate)
1x Thukker Mercenary Captain (Cruiser)

There are multiple veldspar and scordite asteroids and a single Omber asteroid in this mission, about 22km from the warp-in beacon. ( old information: It has 50000 units in it.)

Technological Secrets (2 of 3)

Mission type: Courier (0.1 m3)

Technological Secrets (3 of 3)

Faction: Minmatar
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal
Damage dealt: Exp, Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Exp, Kin

Wave 1:

Spawn present at warp-in, spread out 5-20k. Support frigates close quickly (700 m/s)!!

1x Republic Fleet Detective (Frigate) (see note at page top on standings loss)
4x Republic Fleet Soldiers (Frigate)
2x Republic Fleet C-1 Support Frigate
1x Republic Fleet D-1 Support Frigate
1x Republic Fleet Rupture (Cruiser) Trigger

Wave 2:

3x Republic Fleet Ruptures (one of them: trigger)
2x Chief Republic Kvarm

Wave 3:

3x Republic Destroyers (Tribal Faxi)
2x Republic BCs (Venis)

The last wave does considerably more damage than the first two, so if you are not ready or too busy picking up cans you can get caught with your pants down!

Mission completed when wave 2 is killed, no need to engage wave 3.

CategoryNeedInfo - about the mission in general. Info might be outdated. Need also info about the space type.
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