Unauthorized Military Presence, level 4

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Faction: Caldari
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kinetic/Thermal
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic
Recommended ships: Ishtar
Video: Nightmare , Paladin

Warp-In Pocket

No automatic aggro.
Drones might cause aggro.

Gate is unlocked, you can ignore this group if you want to.

2x State Wakizashi
3x State Daito
3x State Shuriken
1x State Shukuro Chugen
1x State Kissaki
1x State Tsuba

Pocket 1

No automatic aggro.
Drones might cause aggro.

1x Taibu State Wakizashi
6x State Shukuro Ashigaru
2x State Ashigaru
2x State Fudai
9x State Shuriken
2x State Tenkyu
1x Taibu State Katana
3x State Shukuro Shuriken
2x State Shukuro Shinai
1x State Ronin
1x State Shukuro Chugen
2x State Kissaki
1x State Tsuba
2x State Buke
1x State Kissaki
2x Caldari Personnel Transport
1x State Shukuro Buke
1x State Shukuro Ashura
2x State Chugen
1x State Yojimbo

Blitz: In Pocket 2 you only have to kill the group with the Transport Ship. Once the group with the Transport Ship is dead, take 10 Marines from Transport wreck to complete the mission. Killing the other group is not necessary.

Killing Caldari Personnel Transport give you -2.4% standing loss.

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Comment by ShukakuGaara
2008-11-06 10:02:42
completed in a dominix, agroed the whole room with perm dual t2 LAR, x2 kinetic x2 thermic n-type hardeners. tank supports all the aggro for 15-20 mins and need to warp out unless you kill faster the frigs, with just cruisers and bs the tank keeps 100%.

sidenote: heavy ecm from most frigs and cruisers, ecm ships type may vary but they're 5 or 6
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