Understanding Augumene, Level 2

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Faction: Normal belt pirates
Mission type: Mining
Space type: Deadspace, no gates
Damage dealt: Varies

Single Pocket

Rock formation, with seven Augumene (Pyroxeres) asteroids of varying sizes. Belt rats spawn at random, sometimes not at all.


Mine 7,500 units (2,625 m3) of Augumene.

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Comment by TtoraiEve
2009-03-08 17:50:50
My first run into this mission showed 8 roids of augumene.
Comment by DosTuMai
2010-10-12 11:47:39
I did this mission for CreoDron - only had 6 rocks which took a good while in my Vexor. Only had a single spawn with 2 Frig rats which died kinda quickly to my Hobbo IIs - once the mining drones finally decided it was time to come back to my bay.
Comment by CuttleBug
2012-04-13 08:48:44
0.6 space, with Hulk, 8 roids visible on warp in (591, 691, 836, 907, 950, 999, 1038, 1488) Make sure you have Pyroxeres selected on overview settings. Large Rock formation with roids at various places around its perimeter. Ranges for 32km - 48Km from warp in. Completed in less than 10 minutes no rats.
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