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Epic Arc Overview

Chapter agent: Hiva Shesheva
Agent location: Tanoo
Agent corporation:

Important notes :
* Your standings is only checked by the starter agent. Once you are on the epic arc, subsequent agents will no longer make standings checks.
* This means, within this epic arc, you can choose to run missions for ANY faction regardless of your standings with them.

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Mission 1 - Church of the Obsidian

Faction: Amarr
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace
Requires: Archeology I (for using Analyzer I)

At Gate (25-50km, no aggro until within 15km of gate)
7 frigates (Ammatar Navy Delta I, Ammatar Navy Gamma II, Ammatar Navy Soldier)
3 battleships (Ammatar Navy Armageddon, Ammatar Navy Apocolypse)
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