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Worlds Collide, level 1

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Faction: Sansha Nation and Angel Cartel
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All kinds
Reccomended damage dealing: EM/Therm for the Sansha. Exp/Kin for Angel.

Warp-In Pocket (Warzone)

First two accelerator gates are not locked and all NPCs at first and second level are optional kills, that will respawn. Only small ships may enter the first gate. Bookmarked location has Gate to Angel Base and Gate to Sansha's Base about 45km away.

Group guarding Angel Base Gate: (130km) (Automatic aggro)

7x Gistii Hijackers (Frigate class)
1x Gistii Rogue (Frigate class)
1x Gistior Defacer (Destroyer class)

Group guarding Sansha Base Gate:

4x Centii Savages (Frigate class)
1x Centii Slavehunter (Frigate class)

Angel Base Pocket

Nearest group will aggro upon warp-in:

1x Gistii Hunter (Frigate class)
1x Gistii Impaler that (Frigate class)

There are 4 other groups further away consisting of:

Gistii Hijackers (Frigate class)
Gistii Rogues (Frigate class)
Gistii Ambushers (Frigate class)
Gistii Raiders (Frigate class)
Gistii Impalers (Frigate class)

The gateway to research outpost is 15km from this warp-in point.

Sansha Base Pocket

Nearest group will aggro upon warp-in:

2x Centii Butchers (Frigate class)
2x Centii Manslayers (Frigate class)
2x Centii Enslavers (Frigate class)

There are two other groups, one group consisting of:

2x Centior Cannibals (Frigate class)

and the other group consisting of:
1x Centii Slavehunter (Frigate class)
3x Centii Savages (Frigate class)

The gateway to research outpost is also 15km from this warp-in point.

Research Outpost Pocket

The nearest group will aggro upon warp-in:
The mission will complete when this group is destroyed.

3x Gistii Thugs (Frigate class)

The remaining:

13x Gistii Hijackers (Frigate class)

do not aggro.

The Damaged Heron will contain the required 20 Ship's Crew this time, with no respawn of any NPCs or additional Ship's Crew throughout. 20 Ship's Crew is required to be brought back to agent to complete the mission.
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