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Worlds Collide, level 4

Reported by: Ulric Wolfbane
Updated by: Chepe Nolon, Captain Schmungles
Blitz by: Ris Dnalor
Last update: 2008.01.06
Sansha pocket reported by: Teiresias

Faction: Sansha and Angels
Mission type: Deadspace, with guards at the first gates.
Damage dealt: All kinds (mainly exp, kin for angels and em, therm for sansha)
Reccomended damage dealing: EM, therm for the sansha, Exp, kin for the angels.
Ulric Wolfbane completed it in a standard raven with a t2 setup.
Completed in: CNR (3x invuls) DR: Easy (Chepe Nolon)
Completed in: Active tank Drake (Only against the angels) DR: Hard (Captain Schmungles)
Warning!: Heavy Drone aggro!


The gates are locked until you kill the last ship. But you can unlock them by carrying Zbikoki's Hacker Card (obtained from Zor) in your cargohold. It will be consumed on activation.

Group 1:
4x Arch Gistii Hunters
3x Gistatis Primus
2x Gistatis Tribuni
Arch Gistum Crusher
Gist General
Gist War General

Group 2:
Centatis Specter
5x Centatis Wraith
2x Centii Loyal Ravenger
3x Centii Loyal Scavengers
3x Centus Beast Lords

Drone will aggro entire room

Angles Gate

Frigs may scramble.

Insta Aggro -
2x Angel Spy - Do not shoot, will aggro entire room, but you can NOS them
3x Angel Sentry Guns (appears you can shoot these)

Group 1 - (This hit me REAL hard)
2x Gistatis Praefectus
4x Gist Seraphim
2x Gistatis Tribuni

Group 2 -
Arch Gistum Centuraion
4x Arch Gistum Phalanx
3x Gistior Seizer
2x Gistior Thrasher

Group 3 -
3x Gist Nephilim
Gist Overseer
4x Arch Gistii Thug
Arch Gistii Outlaw


Sansha Gate

Completed solo with: standard apoc/megabeams, dual acco reps, 1xEM/2xTherm/1xKIN hardener. this gate only, did the Angels gates with Raven
Damage dealtt: EM/Therm. Centus Dark Lords do extremely heavy KIN damage.
Recommended damage dealing: Thermal

Three groups.

insta aggro from first group:
2 Sansha spy
3 Centus Dread Lord
2 Centus Dark Lord
1 Sansha's Overseer

Second group:
5X Centus Dark Lord
4-5 destroyers

Third Group:
Centus Mutant Lord
Centus Slave Lord
2-3 HACs
Attacking the spies will aggro entire pocket. No drone aggro unless they attack the spies or fly too close to other groups., use at your own risk, or have a buddy handle the droneage while you tank. Flying too close to other groups will cause them to aggro.

Prioritize killing the Dark Lords in the first group, they do 300hp/s Kinetic damage and are supremely dangerous if you're not expecting them. Then the Dread lords and the Overseer, then get some range on the rest of the pocket before pulling aggro on the second group with the 5 Dark Lords You can snipe them fairly easily because they're slow, do not engage them at close range unless you have absolutely top skills and and can run both reps continuously. Even then you will likely take structure damage before you clean them out. There are web/scrambling frigs in here, leave the third group til last and you won't get trapped.


Final stage

Group 1 (insta aggro)
2x Gist War General
2x Arch Gistum Centurion
Arch Gistum Phalanx

Group 2
Gist Malakim
3x Gistatis Legionaire
2x Gistatis Primu

Group 3
Gist Cherubim
2x Arch Gistii Hijacker
2x Arch Gistii Rogue

Group 4
3x Gist Warlord
3x Gistior Thrasher
3x Gistior Seizer

Blitz guide:

Have your Zbikoki's Hacker Card in your cargo bay. This lets you use one of the gates at the warp-in point without killing anything. It can be found in Zor's wreck in ( I belive ) The Right Hand of Zazzmatazz. In any case it's in Zor's wreck for certain. (if you're using drones be sure they are set to PASSIVE mode)

Warp-In: Fly 26km to Angel gate and activate.

2nd Spot: Fly 23km to next gate while killing the two angel spies. Do not shoot sentries. Do not shoot anything else. Nothing else should aggro you if you fly diretly to the gate. Activate gate.

3rd Spot: Fly towards The final can. 5 ships will aggro you, 2bBS and 3 HAC. Kill them, grab the can and you're finished.
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