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Worlds Collide, Level 4

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Faction: Sansha and Angels
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All kinds (mainly Exp, Kin for Angels and Em, Therm for Sansha)
Recommended damage dealing: EM, Therm for the Sansha. Exp, Kin for the Angels.
Recommended ships: Raven, CNR, Drake
Warning!: Heavy Drone aggro!

Entry Pocket (Warzone)

The gates are locked until you kill the last ship. But you can unlock them by carrying Zbikoki's Hacker Card (obtained from Zor) in your cargohold. It will be consumed on activation.
Drone will aggro entire room

Group guarding Angel Base Gate

4x Arch Gistii Hunters (Elite Frigate class)
Arch Gistum Crusher (Elite Cruiser class)
3x Gistatis Primus (Battlecruiser class)
2x Gistatis Tribuni (Battlecruiser class)
Gist General (Battleship class)
Gist War General (Battleship class)

Group guarding Sansha Base Gate

2x Centii Loyal Ravenger (Frigate class)
3x Centii Loyal Scavengers (Frigate class)
Centatis Specter (Battlecruiser class)
5x Centatis Wraith (Battlecruiser class)
3x Centus Beast Lords (Battleship class)

Angel Base Pocket

Frigates may scramble.
Angel Spy in Group 1 will aggro everything upon attack. Sentries should be fine though.

Group 1:

3x Angel Sentry Guns
2x Angel Spy

Group 2:

2x Gistatis Praefectus (Battlecruiser class)
2x Gistatis Tribuni (Battlecruiser class)
4x Gist Seraphim (Battleship class)

Group 3:

3x Gistior Seizer (Destroyer class)
2x Gistior Thrasher (Destroyer class)
Arch Gistum Centuraion (Elite Cruiser class)
4x Arch Gistum Phalanx (Elite Cruiser class)

Group 4:

4x Arch Gistii Thug (Elite Frigate class)
Arch Gistii Outlaw (Elite Frigate class)
3x Gist Nephilim (Battleship class)
Gist Overseer (Battleship class)


Sansha Base Pocket

Attacking the spies will aggro entire pocket. No drone aggro unless they attack the spies or fly too close to other groups, use at your own risk, or have a buddy handle the droneage while you tank. Flying too close to other groups will cause them to aggro.

Group 1: (Automatic aggro)

2x Sansha Spy
1x Sansha Overseer
3x Centus Dread Lord (Battleship class)
2x Centus Dark Lord (Battleship class)

Group 2:

4-5x Destroyer class
5x Centus Dark Lord (Battleship class)

Group 3:

3-4x Elite Frigate class Web/scramble
2-3x Elite Cruiser class
Centus Mutant Lord (Battleship class)
Centus Slave Lord (Battleship class)


Research Outpost Pocket

Group 1: (Automatic aggro)

2x Arch Gistum Centurion (Elite Cruiser class)
Arch Gistum Phalanx (Elite Cruiser class)
2x Gist War General (Battleship class)

Group 2:

3x Gistatis Legionaire (Battlecruiser class)
2x Gistatis Primu (Battlecruiser class)
Gist Malakim (Battleship class)

Group 3:

2x Arch Gistii Hijacker (Elite Frigate class)
2x Arch Gistii Rogue (Elite Frigate class)
Gist Cherubim (Battleship class)

Group 4:

3x Gistior Thrasher (Destroyer class)
3x Gistior Seizer (Destroyer class)
3x Gist Warlord (Battleship class)

  1. Have your Zbikoki's Hacker Card in your cargo bay. This lets you use one of the gates at the Warp-In Pocket (Warzone) without killing anything. It can be found in Zor's wreck in RightHandofZazzmatazz4 The Right Hand of Zazzmatazz Level 4.
  2. Warp-In Pocket: Fly 26km to Angel gate and activate.
  3. Angel Base Pocket: Fly 23km to next gate while killing the two angel spies. Do not shoot sentries. Do not shoot anything else. Nothing else should aggro you if you fly diretly to the gate. Activate gate.
  4. Research Outpost Pocket: Fly towards the damaged heron. 5 ships will aggro you, 2x BS and 3x HAC. Kill them, grab the can and you're finished.
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