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Worlds Collide, level 4

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Faction: Blood Raiders and Angel Cartel (Blood Raiders in the last pocket)
Mission type: Encounter
Spacetype: Deadspace, with guards at the warp in.
Damage dealt: Em/Therm (very little Kin) from Bloods; All kinds, but heavy EXP/Kin from Angels
Web/scramblers: Elite Frigs, Blood Spy
Extras: NOS (Priest/Dark Priest)
Recommended damage dealing: EM, therm for the bloods, Exp, kin for the angels.
Recommended ships: Dominix, Sacriliege, Maelstrom

Warp in "Warzone stage"

You arrive in the middle of two large groups (135km to the nearest rat) and two gates (40km to each gate approx). One for your primary enemy, and one for the faction mentioned in the mission briefing (in this case, Blood Raiders and Angels). They start far away from you guarding their own gate. The gates are locked until you kill the last ship. But you can unlock them by carrying Zbikoki's Hacker Card (obtained from Zor) in your cargohold. It will be consumed on activation.

Group 1 (Blood Raiders)

3x Battleship (Oracle/Prophet)
3x Elite Frigate (Follower/Herald)
2x Elite Cruiser (Dark Priest/Shadow Sage)
* 400-450dps (EM 51%/TH 49%)

Group 2 (Angel Cartel)

3x Elite Frigate (Outlaw/Thug)
4x Battleship (Malakim/Throne)
3x Elite Cruiser (Crusher/Smasher)
* ~600dps (EM 1%/EX 78%/KN 18%/TH 2%)


Bloodraider Pocket

2x Blood Spy (Frigate)
5x Destroyer (Friar)
2x Battlecruiser (Fanatic)
10x Battleship (Apostle/Oracle)
* Full-aggro is 1100-1200dps (EM 50%/TH 50%) with the occasional kinetic cruise missile from the BS's.


Angel Cartel Pocket

Tank: Exp / Kin
Aggro at warp in: Yes (Might web)

10x Battleships (Gist Seraphim/Malakim/Throne) (Dealing EM)
7x Cruiser / Battlecruisers
3x Frigates
5x Interceptors (web/scramble)

You get aggro from two frigs that might web. Get some distance from the groups before shooting at anything. Shooting at the two Spies, will aggro everything.

3rd Pocket (Blood Raiders)

The pocket looks like a single group. But it's actually 3. Use the same technique suggested for the Blood Raider pocket.

4x Elite Frigate (Herald)
3x Elite Cruiser (Dark Priest/Shadow Sage)
3x Battlecruiser (Fanatic/Phantom)
6x Battleship (Apostle/Oracle/Prophet)
* Full-aggro is 900-950dps (EM 51%/TH 49%) with the occasional kinetic cruise missile from the BS's.

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